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Spectroscopic measurement of the rate of the gas-phase combination of methyl radicals with nitric oxide and oxygen at 295.deg.K

The rates of combination of Me. with NO and O2 were measured by flash spectroscopy at 295 DegK. The highpressure rate coeff. for Me. + NO(+M) -> MeNO(+M) was recorded as 1.0(+-0.15) * 1013 cm3 mole-1 sec-1. The low-pressure fall-off was interpreted with the Rice-Marcus model for D0(Me-NO) = 46.8kcal mole-1. The high-pressure rate coeff. for Me + O2(+M) -> MeO2(+M) was deduced to be .apprx.1.1 * 1012 cm3 mole-1 sec-1.


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