The Steel Slit Panel Frame system is a new promising lateral force resisting system intended for zones of high seismicity. Its main component is the Steel Slit Panel (SSP). An SSP is a steel shear wall with dimensions of roughly 5ft wide and 11.5ft tall. The shear wall has columns of slits, about 1/4” wide, forming links in between them. These links work as a series of small flexural members in parallel, and, when subjected to lateral forces the links behave in double curvature reaching yield at both of its ends. The most notable benefits of the system are its ductile behavior and its ability to dissipate energy. Also, the system is very versatile in terms of placement. The dimensions of the system are convenient; openings needed to install windows and doors can be easily accommodated. In the event of an earthquake, all damaged panels can be easily removed and replaced by new ones. The SSPs are entirely fabricated at the shop and then fully bolted at the construction site; thus, costly field welds are not necessary for its installation. This thesis discusses the analytical and experimental research performed on the system. Such research provided information to create design guidelines for the use of the system.