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Bedload sediment transport of two-size coarse spherical particle mixtures in a turbulent supercritical flow was analyzed with image and particle tracking velocimetry algorithms in a two-dimensional flume. The image processing procedure is entirely presented. Experimental results, including the size, the position, the trajectory, the state of movement (rest, rolling, and saltation), and the neighborhood configuration of each bead, were compared with a previous one-size experiment. Analysis of the solid discharge along the vertical displayed only one peak of rolling in the two-size bed, whereas three peaks of rolling appeared in the one-size case due to a larger collective motion. The same contrast is evidenced in spatio-temporal diagrams where the two-size mixtures are characterized by the predominance of saltation and a smaller number of transitions between rest and rolling. The segregation of fine particles in a bed formed by larger particles was analyzed taking into account the neighborhood configurations.