A new connection system for a concrete filled steel tube composite column and reinforced concrete beams is proposed. In this connection, the steel tube is interrupted while the reinforced concrete beams are continuous in the joint zone. Multiple lateral hoops that constitute the stiffening ring are used to confine the core concrete in the connection zone. The transfer of moment at the beam ends can be ensured by continuous rebars; the weakening of the axial load bearing capacity due to the interruption of the steel tube can be compensated by the confinement of the stiffening ring. Using these configurations, concrete casting and tube lifting can be made more convenient since welding and hole drilling in situ can be avoided. Axial compression experiments on six specimens and reversed cyclic loading tests on three interior column specimens and three corner column specimens were conducted to evaluate this new beam-column system; load-deflection performance, typical failure modes, stress and strain distributions, and the energy dissipation capacity were obtained. The experimental results showed that the effective confinement can be achieved by the stiffening ring, and an excellent axial bearing capacity can be obtained, as well as a superior ductility and energy dissipation capacity. As a new connection system for the concrete filled steel tube composite column with reinforced concrete beams, it can also be applied to other types of confined concrete columns.