X-ray phase radiography and tomography of soft tissue using grating interferometry

X-ray phase and absorption radiographs and tomograms of the heart of a rat were taken with an X-ray grating interferometer with monochromatic synchrotron radiation at a photon energy of 17.5 keV. The phase images show largely superior quality with respect to the absorption images taken with the same dose, particularly much better contrast and contrast-to-noise ratio. Different tissues can clearly be distinguished. The results demonstrate the potential of grating interferometry for two- and three-dimensional X-ray imaging of biological soft tissue in an aqueous environment. (C) 2008 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

Publié dans:
European Journal Of Radiology, 68, S13-S17
Présenté à:
Conference on Medical Applications of Synchrotron Radiation, Saskatoon, CANADA, 2007

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