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A phase-field model for the solid-solid alpha -> gamma transition of Ti-Al binary alloys is presented based on analytical Gibbs free energies and couplings to the thermodynamical database ThermoCalc. The equilibrium values recover the alpha + gamma phase boundaries. Morphological transitions from diffusive to massive (partitionless) growth are observed on increasing the initial mole fraction of aluminum. Temporal evolution of the interface shows a root t behavior for diffusive and a linear behavior for massive growth, which is in accordance with theoretical predictions. An estimate of the interfacial mobility of Ti-Al based on the Burke-Turnbull equation is calculated. The expression of the mobility follows an Arrhenius law. Using the derived interfacial mobility, the calculated interfacial velocities of the massive transformation are in quantitative agreement with those observed in experiments. (C) 2008 Acta Materialia Inc. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.