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Synthesis of some new biflavonoids. II. Synthesis of alpha ,alpha '-bichalcone

Starting from phloroglucinol and resorcinol alpha ,alpha '-bichalcone I (R = H, MeO) was synthesized in three steps. The key step is the simultaneous condensation of one mole of 1,4-diketone II with two moles of anisaldehyde catalyzed with boric acid. [on SciFinder (R)]

    Keywords: Flavonoids Role: SPN (Synthetic preparation) ; PREP (Preparation) (bi- ; bichalcone intermediate for ; prepn. of) ; bichalcone; chalcone bis; biflavonoid intermediate


    CAN 112:76692


    Biomolecules and Their Synthetic Analogs

    Inst. Org. Chem.,Lanzhou Univ.,Lanzhou,Peop. Rep. China.



    written in Chinese.

    108-46-3 (1,3-Dihydroxybenzene); 108-73-6 (1,3,5-Trihydroxybenzene) Role: RCT (Reactant), RACT (Reactant or reagent) (mesylation of); 16290-20-3P; 120341-51-7P Role: RCT (Reactant), SPN (Synthetic preparation), PREP (Preparation), RACT (Reactant or reagent) (prepn. and aldol condensation of, with methoxybenzaldehyde); 151-10-0P; 621-23-8P Role: SPN (Synthetic preparation), PREP (Preparation) (prepn. and condensation of, with succinyl chloride); 125213-08-3P; 125236-81-9P Role: SPN (Synthetic preparation), PREP (Preparation) (prepn. of)


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