Homogeneous and heterogeneous NoC-based manycore MPSoCs are becoming widespread in many application areas. The diversity and spare network traffic characteristics generated by the IPs makes mandatory to provide certain Quality of Service (QoS) support for critical traffic streams on the system at application level even from the parallel programming model. In this paper, we present a hardware-software approach to enable QoS from the parallel programming model on the emerging NoC-based many-core MPSoCs. We designed NoC hardware QoS support, and the associated middleware API which enables runtime QoS on parallel programs. Additionally, a QoS-aware on-chip Message Passing Interface (ocMPI) stack is presented where QoS streams can be handled automatically on the system by means of task annotation on the ocMPI library, in order to distribute and balance workload under congestion, guaranteed throughput and latency bounds of critical processes and, in general to boost and meet QoS application requirements. Our experimental results during the execution of message passing parallel programs using prioritized and guaranteed services extensions on the QoS-aware ocMPI library show an average speedup of ≈15% and ≈35%, respectivelly.