The asymmetry in the p̄ angular distribution in the sequential decay Ω̄+→Λ̄K+→p̄π+K+ has been measured to be ᾱΩᾱΛ=[+1.16±0.18(stat)±0. 17(syst)]×10-2 using 1.89×106 unpolarized Ω̄+ decays recorded by the HyperCP (E871) experiment at Fermilab. Using the known value of αΛ, and assuming that ᾱΛ=-αΛ, ᾱΩ=[-1.81±0.28(stat)±0.26(syst)]×10-2. A comparison between this measurement of ᾱΩᾱΛ and recent measurements of αΩαΛ made by HyperCP shows no evidence of a violation of CP symmetry. © 2006 The American Physical Society.