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We investigate the properties of scaler fields arising from gravity propagating in extra dimensions. In the scenario of large extra dimensions, proposed by Arkani-Hamed. Dimopoulos and Dvali, graviscalar Kaluza-Klein excitations are less important than the spin-2 counterparts in most processes. However, there are important exceptions. The Higgs boson can mix to these particles by coupling to the Ricci scaler. Because of the large number of states involved, this mixing leads, in practice, to a sizeable invisible width for the Higgs. In the Randall-Sundrum scenario, the only graviscalar is the radion. It can be produced copiously at hadron colliders by virtue of its enhanced coupling to two gluons through the trace anomaly of QCD. We study both the production and decay of the radion, and compare it to the Standard Model Higgs boson. Furthermore, we find that radion detectability depends crucially on the curvature-Higgs boson mixing parameter. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.