This paper considers disassembly scheduling, which is the problem of determining the quantity and timing of the end-of-use/life products to be disassembled while satisfying the demand for their parts obtained from disassembling the products over a planning horizon. This paper focuses on the problem with stochastic demand of parts/modules, capacity restrictions on disassembly resources, and multiple product types with a two-level product structure. The two-level product structure implies that an end-of-use/life product is hierarchically decomposed into two levels where the first level corresponds to the parts/modules and the second level corresponds to the product. We formulate the problem as a stochastic inventory model and to solve the problem we propose a Lagrangian heuristic algorithm as well as an optimisation algorithm for the sub-problems obtained from Lagrangian decomposition. The test results on randomly generated problems show that the Lagrangian heuristic algorithm demonstrates good performance in terms of solution quality and time.