Cy-mag3D: a simple and miniature climbing robot with advance mobility in ferromagnetic environment

Cy-mag3D is a miniature climbing robot with advanced mobility and magnetic adhesion. It is very compact: a cylindrical shape with 28 mm of diameter and 62 mm of width. Its design is very simple: two wheels, hence two degrees of freedom, and an advanced magnetic circuit. Despite its simplicity, Cy-mag3D has an amazing mobility on ferromagnetic sheets. From an horizontal sheet, it can make transition to almost any intersecting sheet from 10° to 360° - we baptise the last one surface ip. It passes inner and outer straight corners in any almost inclination of the gravity. Cy-mag3D opens new possibilities to use mobile robots for industrial inspection with stringent size limitations, as found in generators. A patent is pending on this system.

Fujimoto, Hideo
Tokhi, Mohammad O.
Mochiyama, Hiromi
Virk, Gurvinder S.
Published in:
Emerging Trends in Mobile Robotics, 383-391
Presented at:
Climbing And Walking Robots: Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support Technologies for Mobile Machines, Nagoya Institute fo Technology, Japan, 31 August, 2 September
Singapour, World Scientific
Best paper award "innovation award 2010 - for practical innovation in the field of robotics"

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