We performed bulk-sensitive x-ray absorption (XAS) in the partial fluorescence yield (PFY) mode, and resonant x-ray emission (RXES) measurements of the solid solution Sc (7 at.%):Ce at the Ce L-3 (2p-->5d) and M-4,M-5 (3d-->4f) absorption edges. We deduce an increasing 4f-band hybridization from the gamma-phase stable at room temperature to the low-temperature alpha-Ce, consistent with the "Kondo collapse" scenario for the transition. The enhanced intrinsic resolution of PFY-XAS allows us to resolve the elusive three-peak structure predicted by theory. Thanks to the selective enhancement typical of RXES, we could estimate the small but non-negligible contribution of the f(2) configuration in the hybrid ground state, and its change in the two phases. The linear dichroism effect in the M-4,M-5 RXES spectra is consistent with the observed hybridization of 4f and conduction states.