Interactive control of a virtual character through full body movement has a wide range of applications. However, there is a need for systems that accurately reproduce the motion of a performer while accounting for surrounding obstacles. We propose an approach based on a Prioritized Inverse Kinematics constraint solver. Several markers are placed on the user's body. A set of kinematic constraints make the virtual character track these markers. At the same time, we monitor the instantaneous displacements of a set of geometric primitives, called observers, attached to different parts of the virtual character. When an observer enters the influence area of an obstacle, its motion is damped by means of automatically created preventive constraints. The IK solver satisfies both maker and preventive constraints simultaneously, yielding postures of the virtual character that remain close to those of the user, while avoiding collisions with the virtual environment. Our performance measurements show the maturity of the IK technology for real-time full-body interactions.