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Reconfigurable Video Coding (RVC) aims to provide a framework allowing a dynamic development, implementation and adoption of standardized video coding solutions with features of higher flexibility and re-usability. RVC-CAL is a dataflow oriented language which is used for describing modules in the RVC framework. In this paper, an RVC-CAL description of an AVC intra prediction, module is presented. This module is integrated with inter prediction and entropy coding modules to form an AVC baseline encoder. Development using RVC-CAL is found to be more productive than other traditional approaches. This is due to the abstract and encapsulated representation that is made feasible by RVC- CAL. The module presented is part of an RVC encoding tools library that will be used to generate a BSDL and FND to test the conformance of RVC decoders. It is more convenient to use components from this library than to use reference software or other implementations due to the advantages of RVC-CAL.