We report on a high-efficiency and self-priming active-valve micropump consisting of a microfluidic chamber structure in glass that is assembled with a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) elastic sheet. The latter comprises two valving membranes and a central pumping chamber actuation membrane, having each an integrated permanent magnet that is magnetically actuated by arc-shaped NdFeB permanent magnets mounted on the rotation axis of a DC minimotor. The choice of this actuation principle allows very low-voltage (0.7 V) and low power (a few 10 mW) operation of the micropump. For the realisation, we use affordable powder blasting glass micropatterning and PDMS molding technologies. A flow rate of 2.4 mL/min and up to 70 mbar backpressure are obtained at the micropump resonance frequency of around 12 Hz, values that are much higher than reported so far for such type of micropump.