A 14-MHz in-plane nanoelectromechanical resonator based on a resonant-suspended-gate (RSG) MOSFET principle and integrated in a front-end process is demonstrated. The devices are in-plane flexural vibration mode beams (L = 10 mum, w = 165 nm, and h = 400 nm) with 120-nm gaps. This letter details the design and process flow fabrication steps. Then, the electrical device characteristics are demonstrated, comprising static and dynamic studies around the resonant frequency. Devices enable the comparison of a pure capacitive detection with the RSG-MOSFET-based detection on the same component, showing a 4.3-dB-huge peak. Due to its output signal amplification and in-IC integration potentialities, the RSG-MOSFET-based detection is ideal for any type of nanoelectromechanical structure displacement detection.