The invention concerns a system of electrodes for generating a surface dielectric barrier discharge totally encapsulated in a ceramic dielectric, using co-fireable ceramic technology (ceramic tapes, LTCC, HTCC, green tapes). The plasma generation device can be built not only flat but also curved, for integration on flat or curved surfaces of any material, even metallic. The system can sustain voltages of the order of 1OkV or higher, and can be run continuously for very long times thanks to its high thermal and chemical resistance (typically several tens of hours). More specifically, the system can generate plasmas in gases, including air, at atmospheric pressures down to pressures of about 0.1 bars. The plasma can also be sustained in high speed gas flows, up to Mach 1.2. This aspect allows the system to be used for airflow control or plasma-aided combustion in addition to the surface or gas treatment applications.