A new polymer device for use with conventional particulate stationary phases for on-chip, fritless, capillary electrochromatography (CEC) has been realized. The structure includes an injector and a tapered column in which the particles of the stationary phase are retained and stabilized. The chips were easily fabricated in poly-(dimethylsiloxane) using deep-reactive-ion-etched silicon masters, and tested using a capillary electrophoretic separation of FITC-labeled amino acids. To perform CEC, the separation channel was packed using a vacuum with 3-μm, octadecylsilanized silica microspheres. The packing was stabilized in the column by a thermal treatment, and its stability and quality were evaluated using in-column indirect fluorescence detection. The effects of voltage on electro-osmotic flow and on efficiency were investigated, and the separation of two neutral compounds was achieved in less than 15 s.