This paper reports on the encapsulation of a piezoresistive silicon/Pyrex liquid flow sensor using metal to glass anodic bonding. The bonding technique allowed integrating robust metallic microfluidic interconnects and eliminating the use of glue and O-rings. The bonding parameters of a silicon/Pyrex/metal triple stack were chosen to minimize the residual stress and to obtain a strong and liquid tight bonding interface. The silicon/Pyrex liquid flow sensor was successfully bonded to metallic plates of Kovar and Alloy 42, on which tubes were fixed and a printed circuit board (PCB) was integrated. A post-bonding annealing procedure was developed to reduce the residual bonding stress. The characteristics of the encapsulated liquid flow sensor, such as the temperature coefficient of sensitivity, fulfilled the specifications. Wafer level packaging using metal to glass anodic bonding was considered to reduce the packaging size and cost. © 2005 IOP Publishing Ltd.