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Down-regulation of hepatic lipase gene expression and activity by fenofibrate

The influence of the hypolipidemic drug, fenofibrate, on hepatic lipase (HL) gene expression and activity was investigated in the rat. Fenofibrate treatment provoked a dose-dependent decrease in HL mRNA levels. At a dose of 0.5% (w/w), HL mRNA levels were reduced to nearly 50% the levels in untreated controls. This decrease was parallelled by a comparable reduction in liver HL activity. The decrease in HL mRNA levels was already observed after 1 day of fenofibrate treatment. Whole liver perfusion experiments showed that the heparin-releasable HL activity in fenofibrate-treated livers dropped to 10% the activity in control livers. In conclusion, treatment with fenofibrate decreases HL gene expression, leading to a lowered activity of endothelium bound HL in fenofibrate-treated livers.


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