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Rate equation approach for diode lasers. I. Steady state solutions for a single diode

The light output and the electron density within the active layer of a semiconductor laser have been calculated from the steady state solution . The assumed rate equation model takes into account the spontaneous emission into the lasing modes. Simple analytical approximation formulae have been found under the assumption of a power-law dependence between optical gain g and electron density n(g∝n'). The approximations are compared with numerical results from the rate equations. With the exception of a small region near the lasing threshold good agreement has been found. The theoretical results are compared with experimentally measured light outputs from single and double heterostructure lasers. From the comparison below threshold the power law exponent l may be evaluated

    Keywords: laser theory ; semiconductor lasers


    Univ. Berne, Switzerland

    Copyright 1975, IEE



    power law dependence

    single heterostructure laser

    rate equation approach

    diode lasers

    single diode

    light output

    electron density

    semiconductor laser

    steady state solution

    spontaneous emission

    analytical approximation formulae

    optical gain

    double heterostructure lasers


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