Our SOFC stack development technology is based on the unique SOFConnexTM concept, using flexible gas distribution layers between metal sheet interconnect and thin ASE cells. Flexibility is given both in material and design. This ensures proper electrical contact over the whole cell (50 cm2 active), without necessitating restrictive cell fabrication tolerances, and allows easy adaptation and evolution of the flowfields. With the presently used configuration, several multiple cell stacks were assembled and tested. Reproducible stack power density (H2 fuel, λ = 1.5-2, 800°C maximum local temperature) is 0.5 W/cm2 at 0.7 V average cell voltage (1.5 kWe/L), for 67% fuel utilisation (35% LHV electrical efficiency). Performance with simulated POX-syngas (H2/CO/N2) was close to that with H2. Degradation is the focus of attention now that adequate power density and efficiency using the SOFConnex™ approach have been established and reproduced.