Multi-Objective Design and Optimisation of Urban Energy Systems

Product Description Inspired by the leading authority in the field, the Centre for Process Systems Engineering at Imperial College London, this book includes theoretical developments, algorithms, methodologies and tools in process systems engineering and applications from the chemical, energy, molecular, biomedical and other areas. It spans a whole range of length scales seen in manufacturing industries, from molecular and nanoscale phenomena to enterprise–wide optimization and control. As such, this will appeal to a broad readership, since the topic applies not only to all technical processes but also due to the interdisciplinary expertise required to solve the challenge. The ultimate reference work for years to come. From the Back Cover This fifth volume in the series is the first comprehensive source on energy systems engineering for the process industries. As such, it combines key contributions from leading research groups to form a single source of vital information otherwise dispersed among specialized journals. Inspired by the leading authority in the field, the Centre for Process Systems Engineering at Imperial College London, this interdisciplinary work explores new technologies of sustainable energy sources and their optimization as energy sufficient systems. The innovative technologies thus covered are crucial for the continued growth of already established multi–billion–dollar commercial markets: oil and gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, food and beverage and consumer goods. From the contents: ∗ Polygeneration systems engineering ∗ Integrated oil & gas optimization ∗ Technologies for hydrogen production and storage ∗ Wind farm modeling, control and optimization ∗ Thermo–economic design ∗ Energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction ∗ Energy systems solutions in the pulp and paper industry ∗ CO2 capture from natural gas ∗ Hydrogen infrastructure design and optimization ∗ Chance–constrained optimization of investment planning problems in the electric power industry For chemical, process and automation engineers, as well as those working in measurement and control, and for lecturers in these fields, this is the ultimate reference work for years to come.

Pistikopoulos, Efstratios N.
Georgiadis, Michael C.
Kikkinides, Eustathios S.
Published in:
Energy Systems Engineering, 39-81
Weinheim, Wiley

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