Power Supply of Long stator Linear Motors – Application to Multi Mobile System

In large cities, due to expensive land price, high-rise buildings are built, in which the space dedicated to the elevators is considerable and reduces the rented surfaces. To decrease these lost surfaces, a multi mobile system is proposed. It consists of several moving cabins in the same shaft, permitting also horizontal motions. The use of direct linear motor drives without counterweight is requested. The direct linear drives are defined by a long stator along the lift cage and by a linear PM magnetic way on each cabin. This paper focuses on the power supply of such a system. As the long linear stator is energized per sector, a methodology is proposed to study the complete system. New modules of Simsen software are developed, as Simsen is well adapted for the study of complex power systems and adjustable speed drives. The obtained results confirm the interest of the presented approach.

Published in:
2008 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, 2280-2286
Presented at:
IEEE-IAS 2008 Annual Meeting, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, October 5-9, 2008

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