Modelling of the combined effect of strain rate and temperature on one-dimensional compression of soils

Strain rate and temperature have important effects on the behaviour of soils. The present paper enhances the thermo-viscoplastic modelling of soils by taking advantage of the most recent understanding of the effects of temperature and strain rate on soils. In particular, modelling of the evolution of the vertical yield stress at any void ratio is made possible with the use of an advanced model for the dependence of vertical yield stress on temperature, as well as the use of the unique effective stress-strain-strain rate concept. The first part of the paper presents an overview of the experimental and constitutive theoretical works performed on the effects of strain rate and temperature. The second part describes a strain-rate and temperature coupled model, and the third part deals with the numerical validation of the proposed model.

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Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 12, 45, 1765–1777

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