Augmenting Deformable Objects in Real-Time

We present a real-time system that can draw virtual patterns or images on deforming real objects by estimating both the deformations and the shading parameters. We show that this is what is required to render the virtual elements so that they blend convincingly with the surrounding real textures. The whole process of uncompressing the video stream, measuring the deformations, estimating the lighting parameters, and realistically augmenting the input image takes about 100 ms on a 2.8 GHz PC. It is fully automated and does not require any manual initialization or engineering of the scene. It is also robust to large deformations, lighting changes, motion blur, specularities, and occlusions. It can therefore be demonstrated live on a simple laptop.

Présenté à:
International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, Vienna, Austria, October 2005

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