Electrostrictive nonlinearity in optical fiber deduced from Brillouin gain measurements

The nonlinear refractive index has drawn considerable attention these past few years, because it may significantly perturbate long-range propagation of lightwaves in optical fibers. Two main origins to this nonlinearity have been identified: nonresonant electronic nonlinearity and electrostriction. This paper shows that the electrostrictive contribution to the nonlinear refractive index n, may indeed be straightfowardly calculated from Brillouin gain measurements. The Brillouin linear gain g, is dependent on material properties and in particular on the electrostrictive coefficient.

Published in:
OFC '98. Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibit. Technical Digest. Conference Edition. 1998 OSA Technical Digest Series Vol.2 (IEEE Cat. No.98CH36177), 2 of 1998 OSA Technical Digest Series, Paper ThA2, 253-254
Presented at:
OFC '98 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibit. Technical Digest Conference Edition 1998 OSA Technical Digest Series. Vol.2, San Jose, CA, USA, February 22, 1998
Opt. Soc. America

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