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Ethylene spectroscopy using a quasi-room-temperature quantum cascade laser

Spectroscopic measurements on ethylene were performed using a quasi-room-temperature quantum cascade (QC) laser operated in pulsed mode in the 10.3 μm range. Using transmission spectroscopy, a broadening of the ethylene absorption spectrum was observed with increasing laser pulse duration, due to an increase of the laser linewidth. This linewidth was determined from the measured absorption spectra, showing a value of 0.04 cm-1 for a 20 ns pulse duration and an enhancement coefficient of 6.5 × 10-3 cm -1 per ns in the 20-50 ns pulse length range. Photoacoustic (PA) detection of ethylene was also performed using the QC laser and a resonant PA cell, with a detection limit of 60 ppm. © 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.

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