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Polarization-mode interferometry in birefringent single-mode fibers

An interferometric technique was used to investigate the relative phase delay between polarization modes in birefringent single-mode fibers. Polarization-mode dispersion is directly deduced from the measurements of relative phase delay at different wavelengths. Relative group delays of 20 fsec can be measured in meter-length samples without the need for light-polarizing devices

    Keywords: birefringence ; light interferometry ; light polarisation ; optical fibres


    Group of Appl. Phys., Geneva Univ., Switzerland, Copyright 1987, IEE, 2996450, 0146-9592, polarisation-mode interferometry, polarisation-mode dispersion, relative group delays, birefringent single-mode fibers, relative phase delay, relative phase delay, 20 fs, 1 m


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