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Face detection allows to recognize and detect human faces and provides information about their location in a given image. Many applications such as biometrics, face recognition, and video surveillance employ face detection as one of their main modules. Therefore, improvement in the performance of existing face detection systems and new achievements in this field of research are of significant importance. In this paper a hierarchical classification approach for face detection is presented. In the first step, discrete Gabor jets (DGJ) are used for extracting features related to the brightness information of images and a preliminary classification is made. Afterwards, a skin detection algorithm, based on modeling of colored image patches, is employed as a post- processing of the results of DGJ- based classification. It is shown that the use of color efficiently reduces the number of false positives while maintaining a high true positive rate. Finally, a comparison is made with the OpenCV implementation of the Viola and Jones face detector and it is concluded that higher correct classification rates can be attained using the proposed face detector.