A new fast ion source and detector for investigating the interaction of turbulence with supra-thermal ions in a simple magnetized toroidal plasma.

A specific experimental apparatus consisting of an ion source and a detector for the investigation of the interaction between supra-thermal ions and drift-wave turbulence is developed on the TORoidal Plasma Experiment (TORPEX). Due to the small plasma temperature ( 5eV), a spatially localized, small-size ion source ( 4cm) mounted inside the vacuum vessel, with relatively low ion energy ( 100eV-1keV) can be used. The source consists of an aluminosilicate Li-6 ion emitter (6 mm diameter, 10-30μA current) installed on a 2D poloidally moving system. The location, energy and current density profile of the ion beam will be measured using a 2D movable gridded energy analyzer.

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