Preparation of nucleic acid templates for solid phase amplification

The invention relates to a method of preparing template constructs for solid-phase nucleic acid amplification and to use of the templates in methods of solid-phase nucleic acid amplification. The method involves carrying out two ligation reactions: (a) a ligation reaction in which the first end of one or more target polynucleotide molecules are ligated to surface-bound adaptor polynucleotide molecules, and (b) a ligation reaction in which solution-phase adaptor polynucleotide molecules are ligated to the second end of said target polynucleotide molecules, in order to produce one or more template constructs attached to a solid support

Also published as: WO2007060456 / EP1957668
Alternative title(s) : (de) Herstellung von nukleinsäurematrizen für die festphasenamplifikation (fr) Preparation de matrices d'acides nucleiques pour leur amplification en phase solide
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