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Test results of a small size CICC with advanced Nb3Sn strands

In the scope of the design activities for a 12.5 T dipole magnet, a short length of cable-in-conduit conductor (CICC) with steel jacket was prepared in spring 2005 as a pre-prototype of the high field dipole conductor. The small, rectangular conductor uses for the first time "advanced" Nb3Sn strands, with J(c), = 1100 A/mm(2) at 12 T, 4.2 K, also planned. in the qualification samples for the ITER conductors. At CRPP, a hairpin sample for SULTAN has been prepared from the short conductor length, heat treated and instrumented. The test program included pressure drop, AC losses and full DC characterization before and after cyclic loading. At large, the test results indicate that the high performance of the advanced strands is preserved in the small size, steel jacketed CICC.


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