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Implications of NbTi short-sample test results and analysis for the ITER poloidal field conductor insert (PFCI)

As the test of the PFC1 is foreseen in 2006 at JAERI Naka, Japan, it is essential to consider in detail the lessons learned from the short NbTi sample tests, as well as the issues left open after them, in order to develop a suitable test program of the PFC1 aimed at bridging the extrapolation gap between measured strand and future PF coil performance. Here we consider in particular the following issues: 1) the actual possibility to quench the PFCI conductor in the T-CS tests before quenching the intermediate joint, 2) the question of the so-called sudden or premature quench, based on SULTAN sample results, applying a recently developed multi-solid and multi-channel extension of the Mithrandir code to a short sample analysis; 3) the feasibility of the AC losses calorimetry in the PFCI.


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