Linear, fully gyrokinetic, full radius (global), large aspect ratio studies of Alfven-ion temperature gradient mode (AITG) or kinetic ballooning modes or beta-induced Alfven eigenmodes considering only "passing" species is presented. Effects hitherto completely neglected in a full radius approach such as B-parallel to-fluctuations and the ones which have been treated partly [Phys. Plasmas 10, 1424 (2003)] such as Shafranov shifts are included. To this end, an existing code EM-GLOGYSTO has been upgraded to incorporate these effects. Among others, the most interesting results include: (i) For relatively large positive magnetic shear (s) over cap [1.25<(s) over cap <4.25, (s) over cap =d ln q(s)/d ln rho, where q(s)(rho) is safety factor and rho minor radius], B-parallel to fluctuations have a benign effect on AITG growth rates and for positive but small shear (0.0