An overview is given of the wide range of activities contained within recent R&D being performed within Europe on In-vessel materials for structural, heat sink and plasma facing purposes for ITER. The effect of creep-fatigue interaction on the fatigue life of CuCrZr and the effects of irradiation on over-aged CuCrZr are given. In addition the lifetime of ITER components has been further investigated by the performance of in situ experiments with both neutrons and high-energy protons. The effect of hydrogen on the crack initiation fracture toughness of Ti is reported at a range of irradiation temperatures. The irradiation induced stress relaxation of Alloy 718 used for bolting applications is being studied and initial results will be described. Work in the area of plasma facing materials and re-welding issues will also be presented. (C) 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.