The aim of this work is to determine the existence and degree of the current unbalance of two types of Cable-In-Conduit Conductors (CICC) of the SeCRETS long sample experiment, and its influence on the conductors' performance. The self-field,measurements are performed by using six sets of annular Hall sensors, each containing six sensors, and two linear arrays with ten sensors. The change of the self-field is associated with the redistribution of the transport current between the strands inside the conductor during and after a ramp of current, due to changes of the applied magnetic field or temperature of the conductor. During the DC, AC losses and stability tests, the signals from the Hall sensors were recorded. In DC tests, a clear change of the self-field pattern is observed in the high field region when either current or temperature approached their critical (I-cs and T-cs) values. No change in the self-field pattern is observed in the experiments with pulse, e The method requires improvements for a reasonable quantitative assessment of the current unbalance in the conductor.