Time-resolved imaging of anodic arc root behavior during fluctuations of a dc plasma spraying torch

The fluctuating behavior of a Sulzer Metco F4 de plasma gun has been investigated by simultaneous measurement of the:time dependencies of the are voltage and of images from the nozzle interior. An end-on imaging arrangement using a mirror and a mask in the optical path from the are to the camera allows visualization of the anodic are attachment by strongly attenuating the bright emission from the are column, With the torch operating in the restrike mode, sequences of images have been acquired in synchronization with several typical features of the are voltage fluctuations showing that the attachment nature changes during a restrike cycle, Multiple attachments which coexist at least during the 1 mus exposure time of the camera have been evidenced and are interpreted as a continuous process of creation/vanishing of successive are roots with a smooth transfer of the current from one to the other, The anode wear is shown to have a strong effect on the root position over the anode periphery, with a preference for attachment in eroded regions. The effects of operation parameters such as current, gas flow and injector type on the attachment nature and position are also presented.

Published in:
Ieee Transactions on Plasma Science, 29, 3, 494-501

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