SULTAN, the world wide unique, high field, large bore test facility. has been built as European contribution to the development program for ITER, The facility has primarily been devoted to the qualification of full-size cable-in-conduit-conductors (CICC) foreseen as potential candidates for use in the Central-Solenoid (CS) and the Toroidal-Field (TF) coils of ITER, Fields up to 11 T can be imposed to the vertically inserted CICC-Samples. Horizontal insertion of coiled long conductor samples is possible as demonstrated for the QUELL and SeCRETS experiments. The facility has been upgraded to ITER full-size conductor and joint testing program requirements. A new, superconducting 100 kA DC-transformer has been constructed in collaboration with industry. New current sources have been installed for the pulsed field coils used for AC loss measurements. A new remote control system has been installed and the control system fur cryogenics has been replaced. Within the frame of the ITER full size conductor test programme, three Japanese, three European, one American and two CRPP-FT home made (conductor and joint) samples have successfully been tested in SULTAN, The present performance of the facility, experimental results and a comparison of the joint samples measured up to now are discussed.