The response of ohmic, single null diverted (SND), non-centred plasmas in TCV to poloidal field coil stimulation has been compared with the predictions of the linear CREATE-L MHD equilibrium response model. The closed loop responses of directly measured quantities, reconstructed parameters and the reconstructed plasma contour have all been examined. Provided that the plasma position and shape perturbation were small enough for the linearity assumption to hold, agreement between the model and experiment was good. For some stimulations the open loop vertical position instability growth rate changed significantly. This led to oscillations in the vertical position that were unpredicted and illustrated the limitations of a linear model. A different model was developed with the assumption that the flux at the plasma boundary is frozen and the predictions of this model were also compared with experimental results. It proved not to be as reliable as the CREATE-L model for some simulation parameters, showing that the experiments were able to discriminate between different plasma response models. The closed loop response was also found to be sensitive to changes in the modelled plasma shape. It was not possible to invalidate the CREATE-L model, despite the extensive range of responses excited by the experiments.