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"Architecturaliser" the suburb is the study of contemporary urban forms of development that have emerged due to the rise of individual mobility and the manner in which people shop. This work investigates shopping centers, in terms of their physical structure and potential as urban catalyst. It attempts to describe, understand, analyze, define these forms of contemporary urbanization, subjecting new forms of public spaces, yet, controlled by the private sector. This work also proposes a set of principles to be applied that would help to implement appropriate planning methodologies for future developments. Commercial buildings are generally built in close proximity to main road and have become an ordinary fixture in the urban landscape. These buildings are also an expression of contemporary society and as such, are too often chaotically organized, characterized by sprawl, weak density, vast parking lots, metal clad construction, and represent spaces seeking their own identity. This work focuses on this new concept of commercial spaces, overturning private/public spaces while representing a social, an architectural and urban value which it is advisable to identify.