Integrated, web-based information system to support collaborative resource management

In order to support a more effective and environmentally aware resource management, information systems may be designed to integrate relevant information and indicators about the resource and its environment and to make them available to all stakeholders and producers. Moreover, the development of such an information system towards an open, web-based platform supporting not only information retrieval and visualization, but also data collection and sharing, fosters collaborative resource management processes. As an exemple of such an integrated information system supporting knowledge sharing, the paper presents the RIV project, aiming to develop an interactive system for wine-cultivation based on open-source software. For wine-cultivation it is essential to have knowledge about environmental resources (such as water, soils, micro-climate), but also about growing-techniques and other factors. A first step was therefore to calculate and to collect the information of all wine-growing regions in a spatial database. One main idea behind RIV was to spread this information to all actors involved in wine-cultivation business through the Internet. Another important idea behind RIV was to offer a parcel-management system that integrates with the data that has been collected. The users thus add their own data (both spatial- and non-spatial) and save costs. In order to develop RIV we integrated all main actors in the project and in the planning and development process.

Presented at:
VNU-HCM International Conference for Environment and Natural Resources, Ho-Chi-Minh (Vietnam), March 17-20, 2008

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