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000116229 520__ $$aAreawide Dynamic ROad traffic NoisE simulator-DRONE, been has developed by the integration of a road traffic noise prediction model (ASJ MODEL-1998) with road traffic simulator (AVENUE) which is further linked with GIS to provide areawide dynamic road traffic noise contour maps. This tool provides an engineering solution for the prediction of road traffic noise in urban network. Noise reduction in an urban area can be achieved by noise abatement policies. Policy applied in one area can affect the other area. The variation in noise level on an areawide region can be easily displayed in the form of contour maps. The difference between the scenarios can be investigated. This can act as an effective tool for the policy makers to study the areawide variation in noise level, and its effect on different area, even before the implementation of the policy. This paper presents the application of DRONE in the planning of road traffic noise abatement policy. Contour maps from DRONE can be applied to find the area above the threshold noise level. Road traffic noise pollution problem need to be analyzed and DRONE can help the planner to analyze the problem. Once the problem is analyzed, different action plans need to be formulated. Different transportation and noise abatement policies can be evaluated with DRONE and the results from DRONE can assist policy makers to implement an effective and cost efficient noise abatement policy. Tools such as DRONE should prove as an effective tool for policy makers to assess the effect of various transportation policies on traffic noise.
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000116229 7112_ $$dMarch 9-11, 2005$$cMonte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland$$a5th STRC Swiss Transport Research Conference
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