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We present the fabrication process and electrical characterization of sub-100 nm scale Al nanowires (NWs) fabricated by stencil lithography (SL). We use a stencil with sub- 100 nm wide nanoslits patterned by focused ion beam (FIB) milling. The stencil is aligned and clamped onto a substrate containing predefined electrical contacts. Then a 60 nm-thick layer of Aluminum (Al) is deposited through the stencil producing NWs with lengths of ~1, 2 and 5 μm and widths down to 65 nm. The NWs show an ohmic behavior with values varying from 30 Ω up to 300 Ω, depending on the dimensions of the structures. We have extracted a resistivity for the Al NWs of ~10 x 10-8 Ωm. We also show that stencils can be cleaned and reused, proving that SL is a cost-efficient and scalable manufacturing method for the direct fabrication of metallic NWs on a full wafer scale.