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An assembly sequence generation algorithm using case-based search techniques

The author explores the possibility of using case-based reasoning (CBR) techniques to handle search in assembly sequence generation (ASG). CBR solves a new problem by retrieving from its case library a solution which has solved a similar problem in the past and then adapting the solution to the new problem. To illustrate how the system works, two experiments are described to show how a case-based search derived from a time-consuming spatial problem in ASG, the receptacle device, can be efficiently applied to two similar problems: a ball-point pen assembly and a complicated industrial assembly.

    Keywords: Robotic assembly ; Algorithms ; Industrial robots


    Lab d'Intelligence Artificielle, Swiss Federal Inst of Technol, Lausanne, Switzerland


    • HCI-CONF-1992-003

    Record created on 2008-01-14, modified on 2017-05-12


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