Determination of the exciton formation in quantum wells from time-resolved interband luminescence

We present the results of a detailed time-resolved luminescence study carried out on a very high quality InGaAs quantum well sample where the contributions at the energy of the exciton and at the band edge can be clearly separated. We perform this experiment with a spectral resolution and a sensitivity of the setup, allowing us to keep the observation of these two separate contributions over a broad range of times and densities. This allows us to directly evidence the exciton formation time, which depends on the density as expected from theory. We also denote the dominant contribution of excitons to the luminescence signal, and the lack of thermodynamical equilibrium at low densities.

Published in:
Physical Review Letters, 93, 13, 137401
American Physical Society
Ecole Polytech Fed Lausanne, Inst Photon & Elect Quant, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland. Szczytko, J, Ecole Polytech Fed Lausanne, Inst Photon & Elect Quant, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland., ISI Document Delivery No.: 857PS, Times Cited: 5, Cited Reference Count: 27, Cited References: , AGRANOVICH VM, 1966, JETP LETT, V3, P223, CHATTERJEE S, 2004, PHYS REV LETT, V92, DAMEN TC, 1990, PHYS REV B, V42, P7434, DEVEAUD B, 1987, APPL PHYS LETT, V51, P828, DEVEAUD B, 1991, PHYS REV LETT, V67, P2355, DEVEAUD B, 1993, J PHYS IV, V3, P11, HANNEWALD K, 2000, PHYS REV B, V62, P4519, HAYES GR, 2002, PHYS STATUS SOLIDI A, V190, P637, HOYER W, 2003, PHYS REV B, V67, KAINDL RA, 2003, NATURE, V423, P734, KIRA M, 1998, PHYS REV LETT, V81, P3263, KIRA M, 1999, PHYS REV LETT, V82, P3544, LASHER G, 1964, PHYS REV, V133, A553, LEO K, 1988, PHYS REV B, V38, P1947, MATSUSUE T, 1987, APPL PHYS LETT, V50, P1429, MILLER DAB, 1982, APPL PHYS LETT, V41, P679, PHILLIPS RT, 1996, SOLID STATE COMMUN, V98, P287, PIERMAROCCHI C, 1996, PHYS REV B, V53, P15834, PIERMAROCCHI C, 1997, PHYS REV B, V55, P1333, RIDLEY BK, 1990, PHYS REV B, V41, P12190, ROBART D, 1995, SOLID STATE COMMUN, V95, P287, RUHLE WW, 1989, PHYS REV B, V40, P1756, SHAH J, 1996, SOLID STATE SCI, V115, P161, SZCZYTKO J, 2004, PHYS STATUS SOLIDI C, V1, P493, THILAGAM A, 1993, J LUMIN, V55, P11, WEISBUCH C, 1981, SOLID STATE COMMUN, V37, P219, YOON HW, 1996, PHYS REV B, V54, P2763, 137401

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