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1.5-mu m intraband transitions in PbSe quantum dots

Intraband transitions around 1.5 mum are studied in PbSe quantum dots at room temperature. Femtosecond pump-probe measurements reveal induced absorption by photoexcited carriers up to higher energy levels and its relaxation. A dominant decay component has a decay time of 10-40 ps, which is determined by the relaxation of carriers at the lowest absorption peak. The induced absorption is observed in a broad spectral range between 0.77 and 2.5 eV.

    Keywords: intraband transitions ; quantum dots ; induced absorption ; pump-probe ; measurement ; PbSe ; strong confinement ; PHOSPHATE-GLASS ; MU-M ; ABSORPTION ; RELAXATION ; MATRIX ; WELLS


    Univ Tsukuba, Inst Phys, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 3058571, Japan. Swiss Fed Inst Technol, Inst Quantum Elect & Photon, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland. St Petersburg State Tech Univ, St Petersburg 195251, Russia. Okuno, T, Univ Tsukuba, Inst Phys, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 3058571, Japan. ISI Document Delivery No.: 648QC Times Cited: 0 Cited Reference Count: 17 Cited References: AKIMOTO R, 2001, APPL PHYS LETT, V78, P580 ANDREEV AD, 2000, J APPL PHYS, V88, P750 CHEPIC DI, 1990, J LUMIN, V47, P113 FAIST J, 1996, PHYS REV LETT, V76, P411 GMACHL C, 2000, APPL PHYS LETT, V77, P3722 GUYOTSIONNEST P, 1998, APPL PHYS LETT, V72, P686 IIZUKA N, 2000, APPL PHYS LETT, V77, P648 IKEZAWA M, 2001, PHYS REV B, V64 KLIMOV VI, 1999, PHYS REV B, V60, P2177 LIPOVSKII A, 1997, APPL PHYS LETT, V71, P3406 LIPOVSKII AA, 1997, ELECTRON LETT, V33, P101 LIU HC, 2001, APPL PHYS LETT, V78, P79 MALYAREVICH AM, 2001, APPL PHYS LETT, V78, P572 MIMURA Y, 1995, J LUMIN, V66, P401 NEOGI A, 2000, ELECTRON LETT, V36, P1972 OKUNO T, 2000, APPL PHYS LETT, V77, P504 SHUM K, 1992, PHYS REV LETT, V68, P3904


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