Exciton-photon dynamics in weakly and strongly excited semiconductor microcavities

We report on the optical response of a semiconductor microcavity featuring a strong exciton-photon coupling. The weak excitation regime is investigated experimentally by means of time-resolved transmission and four-wave mixing experiments. The influence of electronic disorder on the coherent exciton-photon dynamics is discussed in terms of tl-ie solutions of the Maxwell-Bloch equations. The high excitation regime is investigated by using transient sub-picosecond pump-probe experiments. Optical amplification of the probe beam (up to a factor of five), as well as a fundamental change of the optical spectra: have been found close to and above the exciton saturation density. The observed oscillations are corresponding to the Rabi frequency of the excitons in the pump field.

Published in:
Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Research, 206, 1, 375-386
Using Smart Source Parsing; 1 March p; Univ Cagliari, Dipartimento Sci Fis, I-09124 Cagliari, Italy. Ecole Polytech Fed Lausanne, Dept Phys, PH Ecublens, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland. Bongiovanni, G, Univ Cagliari, Dipartimento Sci Fis, Via Osped 72, I-09124 Cagliari, Italy. ISI Document Delivery No.: ZD262 Times Cited: 2 Cited Reference Count: 15 Cited References: ANDREANI LC, 1995, NUOVO CIMENTO D, V17, P1211 BONGIOVANNI G, 1997, PHYS REV B, V55, P7084 BURSTEIN E, 1994, CONFINED ELECT PHOTO CUNDIFF ST, 1995, PHYS STATUS SOLIDI B, V188, P307 HOUDRE R, 1995, PHYS REV B, V52, P7810 HOUDRE R, 1996, PHYS REV A, V53, P2711 JAHNKE F, 1996, PHYS REV LETT, V77, P5257 MEYSTRE P, 1990, ELEMENTS QUANTUM OPT NORRIS TB, 1995, NUOVO CIMENTO D, V17, P1295 RAPPEN T, 1994, PHYS REV B, V50, P14730 SAVONA V, IN PRESS J PHASE TRA SCHMITTRINK S, 1985, PHYS REV B, V32, P6601 WEGENER M, 1990, PHYS REV A, V42, P5675 WEISBUCH C, 1992, PHYS REV LETT, V69, P3314 YAJIMA T, 1979, J PHYS SOC JPN, V47, P1620

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