Gain Measurements in Ingaas/Ingaasp Multiquantum-Well Broad-Area Lasers

The paper describes gain measurements in InGaAs/InGaAsP multiquantum-well lasers at 1.55-mu-m derived from the spontaneous emission under current injection. The gain spectrum in a broad-area laser device is determined from the spontaneous emission spectrum on using the measured differential quantum efficiency and the loss conditions at the lasing wavelength at threshold. Spectral measurements from 1.0 to 1.7-mu-m with intensity resolution over four orders of magnitude clearly exhibit contributions from the barriers, and indicate that a nonthermal equilibrium may exist between the well and barrier materials. Band-filling effects in the well can be seen in the absorption spectra for low injection currents. Gain spectra are obtained for carrier injection levels from 1% of threshold to 1.5 times threshold.

Published in:
IEE Proceedings J : Optoelectronics, 139, 1, 33-38
Alcatel alstom rech,f-91460 marcoussis,france. Miles, ro, phb ecublens,ecole polytech fed lausanne,dept phys,inst micro & optoelectr,ch-1015 lausanne,switzerland. ISI Document Delivery No.: HE561 Times Cited: 11 Cited Reference Count: 15 Cited References: AGRAWAL GP, LONG WAVELENGTH SEMI, P53 BLOOD P, 1991, J APPL PHYS, V70, P1144 GROSS PS, 1975, IEEE J QUANTUM ELECT, V11, P190 HAKKI BW, 1973, J APPL PHYS, V44, P4113 HAKKI BW, 1975, J APPL PHYS, V46, P1299 HAYASHI I, 1971, J APPL PHYS, V42, P1929 HENRY CH, 1980, J APPL PHYS, V51, P3042 HENRY CH, 1981, J APPL PHYS, V52, P4453 HILDEBRAND O, 1978, APPL PHYS, V15, P149 KESLER MP, 1990, APPL PHYS LETT, V57, P123 KESLER MP, 1991, IEEE J QUANTUM ELECT, V27, P1812 PERALES A, 1990, ELECTRON LETT, V26, P236 SHAKLEE KL, 1971, APPL PHYS LETT, V18, P475 THOMPSON GHB, 1973, IEEE J QUANTUM ELECT, V9, P311 WILLIAMS EW, 1972, PHOTOLUMINESCENCE SE, V8, P181

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